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George Bogart was my art professor at the University of Texas in the mid '60s. He was and shall always be my mentor, as he was for so many of us in those days. I took every class he offered, although interestingly, none of them were painting classes. At my level he taught sculpture and drawing classes. Even though I never took a painting class from Bogart he taught me all about color. One of the first classes he taught us required that we create 96 different colors using only black, white, yellow, and red. It was amazing how this exercise taught us to really see and appreciate color.

From Bogart I learned that I could SEE. Thanks to George Bogart I am still solving creative problems. This was how he taught us in the classroom, presenting us with a creative problem to solve. The opportunity of meeting Bogart and having a rapport with him changed my entire life, then and forever.
Thank you, George Bogart, for affirming my creative life.

Suzanne O’Bryan
Sheffield, Texas
writer and former student

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