George Bogart
2000s Garden Chronicles
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Here is work that oozes the Bogart passion for budding and growing things. He does not  render nature, but uses the process of painting to reach deep into his inner being, perhaps his soul. He seeks the common connecting threads to the essential impulse that kick-starts life. These vivid pictures are a record of that search.

George Bogart was absolutely devoted to painting. He was in love with the free and expressive use of color. His work exudes the childlike thrill of messing with color in contrast to his sophisticated use of the drawn line that defines form and movement. There is sensuosity permanently sitting on his palette beside the paints, and on the canvas it sometimes approaches the erotic, but never the pornographic.

I look at George Bogart’s paintings and imagine the molecules of life dancing round and round finding partners and sprouting buds and wings, dodging the zips and zaps that might just kill, yet somehow they survive. As they entwine they seem to feed on the ambrosia of life-giving color. They live. They die before our eyes. And, leave us entranced.

Jim Jackson
Boston, MA
artist and former student
from the University of Texas

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