George Bogart
1980s Jazz Series Record Paintings
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...George made all the difference for me.  I really attribute any studio success that I have had to his instruction.  He seemed to know exactly how to motivate me.  Sometimes he played devil’s advocate, other times he encouraged, he challenged and he had relentless expectations, but no matter what teaching posture he took; he always stood alongside. 
  When my mother died, I came very close to quitting and walking away from my graduate studio.  While other professors encouraged me to take some time off, George continued to nudge me along never faltering in his belief in me as an artist.  My signature work was birthed during that time.
  His legacy plays out all over the country through the art of thousands of his former students.  I consider myself so fortunate to be able to say, “George Bogart taught me to paint”, but even more honored to say he was my friend. 

Sunni Mercer, MFA
Faculty, University of Central Oklahoma
President, Mercer Associates, Inc.



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